The wholesale price of racks mainly considers a feasible planning and design plan. Purchasing in accordance with the specifications and dimensions of the plan design can greatly improve the procurement efficiency and shorten the cycle. So, what are the precautions for shelf wholesale? How to check and accept?

Precautions for shelf wholesale price:
1. Beware of low-price shelves: In order to improve their competitive advantage, many small factories use low-quality steel to produce shelves, and the price is much lower, which does not meet the load-bearing requirements, and is prone to rust, bending and deformation, posing safety hazards to warehouse goods and personnel .

2. Manufacturer selection: Regular shelf manufacturers will have websites. Purchasers should browse the successful cases of manufacturers and choose experienced manufacturers to ensure shelf quality and after-sales installation and maintenance services.

shelf wholesale price acceptance skills:
1. Whether the packaging is damaged: Most of the shelves need to be transported over long distances, and the manufacturers will pack them before shipment. Once the packaging is found to be damaged, carefully check whether the shelf columns, beams, laminates and tie rods are bent or deformed. Take a photo for evidence, and find the manufacturer to replace it in time.

2. Whether the delivery note is consistent with the actual quantity: In order to avoid the manufacturer’s wrong delivery or missed delivery, the inspector should also carefully count the quantity. If the quantity is found to be inconsistent, you must check with the manufacturer in time to understand whether it is a wholesale shipment or is really wrong Hair or missed hair.

3. Whether the shelf surface is smooth: the last process of shelf production is spraying. The quality of spraying is the key to distinguish the shelf. You can observe whether the shelf surface is falling off, but avoid hitting the shelf with sharp objects.

Post time: Aug-24-2020