Alibaba Super September PK competition

On August 10, 2021, ABC Tools MFG.CORP.held the launching ceremony of the Alibaba Super September PK competition.
Alibaba customer manager Mr. Sheng, President Liu of ABC Tools, Vice President Mr. He and Ms. Wang, the head coach of this PK contest, Sammy Ge, and all the contestants and cheerleaders participating in this PK contest attended the event.

1.President Liu delivered an important speech.
Today is the third day of the Tokyo Olympics just closing. We see our Chinese athletes vying for gold and silver and bronze in the arena, striving to win glory for the country, and try to prove ourselves to the world. We must also learn from their hardworking and progressive spirit, and move forward with high spirits in this PK competition, and take the lead with perseverance and bravery.
The business guys were under a lot of pressure at the beginning of the March New Trade Festival PK, but under the leadership of Sammy Ge, the hard work of the sales partners, and the tireless cheering of the logistics colleagues, our March PK ended with a happy ending. Most people have exceeded their goals. They have completed more than $5,7 00,000 in total in two months. The target completion rate has reached 147%. Business partners have received generous performance wages and PK bonuses, and logistics partners also have their own For what you have gained, thank you all for your hard work.

2.Miss Wang, the head of the logistics department, came to the stage to explain the PK rules of the procurement festival for everyone.

After taking the stage, the contestants must announce their performance goals and the targets they want to PK.
Contestants place cash bets, and at the same time, Sammy Ge represents the company to bet 5 times the amount of the contestants;
The cheerleading team members composed of logistics partners took the stage to place bets based on their favorite contestants, and at the same time, Sammy Ge represented the company to increase the bet by 3 times the amount of cheerleaders.

3. Mr. Sheng, the customer manager of Alibaba, delivered an important speech and shared wonderful video clips, which made us full of fighting spirit, forge ahead and never give up.
4. As the head coach of this PK competition, life mentor in daily life, and the company's helm, Sammy Ge, will make a final summary speech for our PK competition, and draw a successful conclusion to this PK activity.

Post time: Aug-12-2021