The patented step stool is coming….

Have you ever had the following situation:
The curtains should be taken down and washed, but the stool is not high enough to reach.
The things on the top of the cabinet can't be reached, so I stepped directly on the office chair.
These are phenomena that will appear in everyone's lives. There are serious safety hazards in this, and it is easy to fall and fall. Is there a high enough stool that is safe, tall, and does not take up space?
Next, let’s launch this product-our new step stool, whether it is for home installation and maintenance, or a nap when tired, or if you want to climb high and look into the distance, it will be a good helper for you. Combine the current standard ANSI of the American mainstream market to make an introduction to this type of product. The standard mainly regulates the main body classification and material classification of step stool products, the applicable environmental conditions of different types and sizes, the overall strength and friction related to safety performance.

aluminum step stool

1. Aluminum alloy material
This product uses high-strength 6005 industrial profiles, with a Webster's hardness greater than 14, (ordinary household aluminum ladders are 6063 profiles, with a hardness less than 12 degrees)
2. The connection point is beautiful and firm
The pedal and ladder frame adopts a screw-less built-in link, which is stronger and more beautiful than the conventional screw link.

3. Patented design
The patented anti-pinching design prevents hand injury caused by misoperation when the ladder is unfolded.

4. Strong load-bearing capacity
The maximum test pressure of the ladder can reach 540kg (about 1200 pounds), which meets the American ANSI 1A standard (the maximum test pressure of ordinary household aluminum ladders is less than 300kg).
5. Anti-slip design
With rubber anti-slip pads under your feet and anti-slip handrails at the highest point, you will say goodbye to the era of climbing and swaying.

梯腿防滑 防滑设计1

How to use it safely
1. Do not move when someone is standing on the step stool.
2. With an overvoltage protection function, do not carry heavy objects or tools in your hands when climbing.
3. Do not exceed the declared weight of the product when using it. This weight is generally labeled on the outer packaging or the surface of the ladder.
4. Do not stand on the pedals with two people at the same time.
5. Check whether the step stool is worn or broken before use.
6. Before use, confirm that all parts of the ladder have been operated according to the instructions. (For example, whether the hinge is fully opened, whether the legs are flat, whether there is debris under the foot of the step stool).

Post time: Apr-17-2021