2-Pack 24×72-inch Wall Shelf – Best Wall Mounted Garage Shelving

This product will ultimately be judged against dissimilar competition, but it should also be understood for what it is. This is important because compared to a traditional shelving unit, the FLEXIMOUNTS wall mount does not offer a great deal of storage space or weight capacity. That being said, each of these shelves does offer six feet of length by two feet of depth. This actually makes these the longest shelves we reviewed – even if there are only two.

Also, while the 200-pound weight capacity is not great compared to standard shelving units, it is extremely impressive for a wall-mounted shelving unit. Part of this is likely due to the fact that the FLEXIMOUNTS wall mount uses significantly higher gauged fastening hardware to mount their product than most other wall mount shelving units.


  • Fairly easy for a one-man install
  • Protects from potential water damage
  • Takes up less functional space
  • Grid shelf formation is better
  • Made from cold-rolled steel
  • Uses higher gauged hardware than others
  • Powder-coated to resist corrosion


  • Does not offer the most storage space
  • Does not provide the best weight capacity
  • One of the more expensive products
  • Not appropriate for all stud arrangements

Buyer’s Guide Type

Shelves come in a number of different profiles. Each of these profiles has its advantages and disadvantages, but most importantly, each of these profiles has its situational use. Even if the advantages of one type are appealing, make sure your space is suited for that type, or you may end up with shelving you cannot use.

Standard – This is the most common type of shelving unit made and can be found in virtually every setting. Generally, these shelving units feature a four-post construction upon which numerous shelves are positioned. This type of shelving unit can generally hold the heaviest loads, but it does leave your stored items exposed to others or the elements.

img (5)

Wall Mount – After the standard type, wall mounts are the next most common type of shelving unit. These shelves are extremely convenient as they can be mounted anywhere you have studs or other bracing supports and keep your stored items off of the ground. Unfortunately, these shelving units also provide the lowest weight capacity.

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While a shelf may be extremely large, that does not mean it can handle all of the different items you may want to store on it. For instance, if you are looking to keep bags of concrete off of the ground, you will need to make sure the shelves can handle the weight capacity. Assuming you take care of the space requirements, this is arguably the next most important quality of a shelving unit.


Different shelving units will offer more or less space and in different configurations. One thing that affects this is the number of actual shelves that come with the unit. Another factor to consider is along with what increments of size the shelves can be adjusted – if any.

While it might be necessary to seek the most storage space possible, you will also want to make sure that the shelving unit fits in the area you intend to place it. If you can, shelving units with wheels will allow you some leeway when figuring that last part out.

—–Reprint in Garage Master Blog

Post time: Aug-25-2020