Flower wrapping activity on Chinese Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine's Day (the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar) is the most romantic festival in the entire Chinese festival. During Chinese Valentine's Day, men and women talk to each other and share the sweetest love words in their hearts. At the same time, during Chinese Valentine's Day, people can also express their feelings and sincerity to the one they love.
In the festive atmosphere, ABC TOOLS MFG.CORP held a flower wrapping activity at the Chinese Valentine's Day to encourage employees to wrap a bunch of flowers for their lovers. We purchased a variety of flowers and wrapping paper and other materials for wrapping flowers from the flower shop. Everyone gave full play to their creativity and seriously completed the production of the bouquet.

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Sammy was walking and drinking a cup of water. Some of my colleagues were orderly making bouquets, and some were unable to start. Sammy commented on our works from time to time and looked like a high school class teacher.


Flowers are beautiful, the girl is more beautiful than flowers. Where did this girl come from? She is our partner, Catherine.


Miss Moon held up her flower and said to Charlotte, look at the bouquet I made, is it beautiful? Charlotte said: Very ordinary, I think mine is better.


I found a lovely girl who looked a little melancholy, holding her cheek after making the bouquet. Is it because she hasn't received a gift from her lover? Maybe she will be surprised when goes home!


Although Mr. Bu is a man, he is more serious when wrapping flowers than girls. Seeing that he is carefully folding the wrapping paper, Mr. Bu is really handsome when he is wrapping flowers seriously.

After 3 hours of production, everyone has completed their own works one after another, and it will be more meaningful to send out the bouquets that you do-it-yourself.

Post time: Aug-16-2021