Has the shipping company increased prices again?

Some time ago, a cabinet worth tens of thousands of dollars has already shown signs of price reduction. According to reports, since the end of September, shipping prices have fallen, which relieved sellers who are preparing for the peak season.

However, the good times did not last long. After less than two weeks of price cuts, Mason has now strongly announced the return of price increases.


At present, Mason's latest offer is 26 yuan/kg. Take a freight forwarding company as an example. In the past two months, Mason’s quotation has fluctuated greatly. In mid-to-late August, Mason’s quotation was 22 yuan/kg, and the lowest quotation reached 18 yuan/kg in late September. kg, during the National Day, the price of its Maison fell to 16.5 yuan/kg, and it began to rise after the holiday.


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Some sellers said that they are looking forward to the price reduction of Mason, but because the manufacturer is also on National Day holiday, the goods cannot be produced at all. When the goods come out, the price of Maison will go up again...


Another seller said that they had only negotiated the shipping price a few days ago, and yesterday they said they would increase the price. Not only that, but they also advanced the order cut-off time.


Regarding Mason’s sudden price cuts and sudden price increases, some freight forwarders said that Black Friday (November 26) is approaching, and many sellers want to ship more. At present, only Mason’s regular liner can catch up with the peak season, and according to Mason’s arrangements, From the perspective of the number of boats and the carrying capacity, the supply is in short supply again, so the price must be increased.

Post time: Oct-16-2021