US imports in August will set a record!

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), August seems to be the cruelest month for American shippers across the Pacific.
Because the supply chain has been overloaded, it is expected that the number of containers entering North America will set a new record for shipping demand during the holiday season. At the same time, Maersk also issued a warning that as the supply chain will face greater pressure this month, the company urges customers to return containers and chassis as soon as possible.
NRF's global port tracking agency predicted on Friday that US imports in August will reach 2.37 million TEUs. This will exceed the total of 2.33 million TEUs in May.
NRF said this is the highest monthly total since it started tracking imported containers in 2002. If the situation is true, the data for August will increase by 12.6% over the same period last year.
Maersk said in a customer consultation last week that due to the increasing congestion, it "needs critical assistance from customers." The world’s largest container carrier stated that customers have held containers and chassis for much longer than usual, causing a shortage of imports and increasing delays at the ports of departure and destination.
"The mobility of terminal cargo is a challenge. The longer the cargo stays in the terminal, warehouse, or railway terminal, the more difficult the situation will be." Maersk said, "I hope that customers will return the chassis and containers as soon as possible. This will enable us and Other suppliers to have the opportunity to ship the equipment back to the high-demand port of departure at a faster speed."
The carrier said that the shipping terminals in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Savannah, Charleston, Houston, and the rail ramp in Chicago will extend business hours and open on Saturday to speed up cargo transportation.
Maersk added that the current situation does not seem to end soon.
They said: "We don't expect congestion to be alleviated in the short term...On the contrary, it is expected that the increase in the transportation volume of the entire industry will continue until the beginning of 2022 or even longer."

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Post time: Aug-11-2021