Z-Type boltless shelves upgrade

Z-Type boltless shelves upgrade

1. Upgrade of materials

With the replacement of new production equipment, the maximum daily output has been doubled, and the efficiency and precision have been greatly improved.

2. Upgrade of structure

(1) Structural upgrade - wire structure


Original Wire: There is a patent problem, and it is uneven when placed on the crossbar.

New Wire: Independent research and development design to improve the smoothness of the wire.

(2) Structural upgrade - beam structure


The Z-type beam is updated to ZJ- type beam and the strength is greatly improved.

(3) Structural upgrade - beam fixed


Original Z-type beam:

Open a hole in the middle to fix the crossbar. Open holes are easy to damage the strength of the beam.

New ZJ-type beam:

Rivets are added in the middle and lower part, the rivet and beam are integrated, and the strength of the beam remains unchanged.

(4) Structural upgrade - crossbar


After upgrading, the load capacity is increased by 25%. The structure is more stable and has a design patent.


Post time: May-06-2023