New design small size boltless rack

This Small Boltless Rack is a versatile and easy-to-assemble storage solution for various environments, including homes, offices, and warehouses. Easy to install without bolts. Featuring a transfer-print finish, it's durable and visually appealing. This shelf conveniently stores items of different sizes and weights, helping you keep your workspace or living area organized.

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STP17515 is made of a 0.6mm thickness galvanized steel frame and a 4mm thickness MDF board, load capacity is 175kg, and the size is 150cmx70cmx30cm.


As with all European shelving, the components use a plug-in design, It can be assembled without rivets and screws, and the height between the shelves can be adjusted.

The main differences from the old 175 series are:

1. The shelf adopts a sunken design;

2. The grooves on the clips make the overall structure more stable;

Product size, color, and thickness can all be customized.

This shelf is suitable for garage storage, kitchen storage, living room storage, and warehouse storage.

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