Heavy duty wire decking storage shelving

Heavy Duty Wire Deck Storage Rack is a durable solution for loads up to 4000 lbs. A wire cover improves ventilation and visibility of stored items, while a center crossbar adds extra stability. Ideal for warehouses, factories, and other industrial environments.

  • Size: 48"(W)x24"(D)x72"(H)
  • Layer: 5pcs
  • Middle cross bar: 5pcs
  • Uprights: 8pcs
  • Z-beam: 20pcs
  • Load capacity: 500lbs/layer
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    The size of this sp482472-w is: 48"(W)x24"(D)x72"(H), with Z-shaped beam design. It has a higher capacity (over 500 lbs per layer, for over 2500 lbs).

    There are many customers who worry that MDF board and particle board shelves cannot be used in the open air or in humid places because these two kinds of boards have no moisture-proof effect, then the design of this shelf screen greatly solves the pain point of using MDF board and particleboard. Because the partitions are made of thick mesh panels, and the entire frame structure is also made of galvanized steel and treated with spray paint, this shelving has excellent anti-rust and moisture-proof functions and can be used in wet areas: garages, sheds, basements, and warehouses.

    The sp482472-w is the same as the ordinary sp482472. It adopts the gourd hole design. The height between the compartments can be adjusted according to the height of your items. The user experience is very good. You don't have to worry about the items being too high or too small. Waste the height space between the partitions;

    It can be easily assembled in a few minutes, the assembly process is very simple, follow the steps in the manual, and can be easily done with a rubber hammer (most customers do not need to read the manual when assembling for the first time, after all, the structure of the shelf not complicated);

    We have Galvanized Steel Shelving, Powder Coated Boltless Shelving, Heavy Duty Corner Shelves, Hidden Hole Boltless Racks, and Welded Steel Racking If you like our shelves and your purchase volume is huge, we can recommend the hot-selling styles for your target market according to your needs, or customize them according to your requirements, the material of the partition, the thickness of the frame galvanized steel and the color of the paint, etc. can be changed.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact info@abctoolsmfg.com, our professional sales manager will reply to you within 12H.

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