5 tiers powder coated slotted boltless DIY rack shelving

Our Powder Coated Slotted Boltless DIY Shelving is the perfect solution for organizing your space. Easy to assemble and sturdy, this shelf holds up to 330 lbs per tier. Galvanized metal construction and powder coating provide durability and a smooth finish, ideal for any home or office.

  • Size: 90(W)x40(D)x180(H)cm
  • Layer: 5pcs
  • Uprights: 8pcs
  • Beam: 20pcs
  • Board: MDF board
  • Load capacity: 175kg/layer
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    In the past year, the demand for shelving in the Philippine market has been high. They like high-quality and inexpensive DIY shelving, such as slotted shelving SG175 and bolted racks BG30 /BG50. These styles are all in primary colors and have not undergone the spraying process, so they are not beautiful. Therefore, this kind of rack is often used in the garage because it is not beautiful to put in the home, but it becomes advanced after being sprayed in black or white. Maybe Filipino friends think so too. In order to meet their needs, in order to let our shelves be used as much as possible in every scene of home and life. We have produced new models of products SP175, BP30, and BP50.

    This article will introduce white and black boltless rack SP175 to you.

    The features are as follows:

    1. Like SG175, SP175 is also made of galvanized steel, but SP175 uses a spraying process to spray the columns, short braces, and long braces into white or black, which looks more beautiful and advanced.

    2. The partition of SG175 is the MDF board, while the partition of SP175 is the white or black laminated board. The whole of SP175 is white or black, even the board looks like metal texture, and it looks very advanced when used in the living room.


    3. Like the SG175, it adopts a plug-in design and can be easily assembled by one person using only a rubber hammer. Of course, the speed of assembly depends on your proficiency.


    4. SP175 also has plastic foot protection, so that it will not damage the shelf or the ground when moving.


    Installation process:

    1. build a solid frame

    2. Place the coupler(Remember to fasten it with a rubber hammer)

    3. Build the upper body

    4. Place the boards.

    Discover our range of shelving solutions including Boltless Storage Rack,  Heavy Duty Corner Shelves, Hidden Hole Boltless Racks, and Welded Steel Racking. If our shelves catch your eye and you plan to make a large purchase, we can recommend the best-selling styles tailored to your target market. Additionally, we offer customization options to meet your specific requirements, such as the material of the partitions, frame thickness, galvanized steel, and paint color.

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